Brewing up a Storm in a Coffee Cup

We've teamed up with Cuisine magazine's Amy Stewart and a local coffee roaster to create an addictive Media Brew for Beervana. This year's theme is 'Flag Brew' - capturing the taste of New Zealand, so after a quick trip to a local roaster, Cuisine’s digital editor Amy Stewart and Tracy started getting their hands dirty back at the Brewery using their specially prepared ingredient. The resulting brew is Long Black I.P.A., a black I.P.A. made with espresso from award-winning Pomeroy’s Coffee & Tea Company.

“We are a nation of coffee drinkers and producers of some of the best hops in the world", said Tracy. "When the media brew theme was announced I thought we’d be patriotic to Nelson and combine two of the region’s most famous ingredients.”

Beervana’s Media Brew competition pairs journalists with brewers from around New Zealand and challenges them to brew a themed beer. The Media Brew beers will be judged by a panel of judges during the first session at Beervana, as well as by festival goers who will decide the People’s Choice Award.

Long Black I.P.A will be available exclusively at Beervana in Wellington, 14-15 August.
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