5.0% ABV

A combination of Malted Wheat and Barley produces a light, refreshing and easy drinking wheat beer. The use of wheat malt gives the beer a slight haze.

Brewmasters comments


In a strictly technical sense, our Blonde is a wheat beer having been brewed using 30% wheat malt. However, it is filtered and as a result can have a very slight haze which derives from the use of wheat. We use only a small amount of hops to keep the beer well balanced, light and refreshing.

Fermentation takes place at 13°C over 5-6 days and, as always, is very strictly controlled with daily checks on temperature, gravity, taste and pH levels to ensure the finest results.

Our Blonde is matured for a minimum of two weeks to settle and clear, and is filtered through a diatomaceous earth filter to remove any proteins and yeast from suspension.

Tasting notes

Tasting Notes

Brewed using a combination of Malted Wheat and Malted Barley, our Blonde is extremely light and refreshing which makes for a good sessionable beer. 



Our Blonde is made with only natural ingredients: wheat malt, malted barley, hops, water and yeast. It contains no additives.



Blonde is available in 1.3L PET riggers online, in supermarkets and liquor outlets; and in kegs for cafes and bars.

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